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Nano-Ceramic Clear

Nano-Ceramic Clear

As the market for energy-efficient technology continues to grow, tint installers are looking for ways to provide their customers with the latest and most advanced products on the market. One of these products is nano ceramic film. Offering both residential and commercial applications, this film is designed to reduce energy costs by blocking out heat and UV rays. But what are the benefits of using nano ceramic films over traditional tinting methods? And how does it compare to other energy-saving technologies? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at nano ceramic films and explore some of their key features. Stay tuned!

Reduce energy cost

One simple way to reduce your energy costs is to install nano ceramic film on your windows. This film helps to reflect UV and IR rays, reducing the amount of solar energy that enters your home. In effect, it helps to keep the inside of a building cooler and reduces the amount of energy needed to cool the space. In addition, nano ceramic film can help prevent sun degradation to the floors, carpets, and furniture of a home or commercial space. Nano ceramic film is trusted to protect major museums’ prized collections and cooler weather animals at the zoo. Ceramic technology was used as the leading edge barrier in NASA’s space shuttle and is utilized in most major engineering fields. Now including your windows.

Maintain Visual Clarity

With ever-growing concerns over energy costs, many homeowners are turning to window film as a way to reduce their reliance on air conditioning. However, not all window film is created equal. The traditional film can develop a “hazing” effect that will diminish the clarity of your home’s windows. Nano ceramic window film, on the other hand, maintains visual clarity while still providing excellent heat rejection properties. In fact, our nano ceramic film has a TSER rating of 42%, meaning it will reject up to 42% of the heat that would otherwise enter your home through the windows. Clear nano ceramic films are used in a variety of applications in which occupants and owners prefer an “open window” architectural style.

Please comply with manufacturer instructions and warnings. This product is not intended for use outside of general housing codes in city juisdictions or homeowners alliances.