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Ceramic Clear

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Ceramic Clear

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Ceramic Clear Architectural Window Film Is Backed By A Lifetime Warranty

Searching for a clear, nano-ceramic film that’ll satisfy your solar transmittance needs while leaving your home with its fresh classic look? Look no further than our advanced architectural window film, featuring excellent heat rejection properties with a TSER rating of 42% and a crystal clear finish that complements any home.

Ceramic Clear: 80% 86%
Solar Energy Transmittance 45% 65%
Solar Energy Absorbance 47% 27%
Solar Energy Reflectance 8% 8%
Visible Light Transmittance 66% 62%
Shading Coefficient 0.67 0.83
UV Rejection 99% 99%
TSER(Total Solar Energy Reflectance) 42% 27%

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