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HITEK offers a wide range of automotive aftermarket products. Add privacy and a custom look to your vehicle with our standard-setting window films. Offering the latest in Nano-ceramic technology, our solar energy rejecting films protect your cabin from sun degradation, keep cabin temperatures cool, and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Enrich your paint and preserve the external condition of your car with HITEK’s self-healing Paint Protective Film. For ultimate protection, add an additional layer of GLOSS and protection with HITEK’s advanced ceramic coating line. From road to track, HITEK sets the standard for aftermarket comfort and protection.
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Protect and customize your largest investment with HITEK’s line of residential films. We have developed a line of cutting-edge residential solutions designed to fit any and every home’s needs. Using the latest technology, our films provide the option to improve your home’s look, privacy, security, longevity, and energy efficiency. Once installed, these films are on the job 24 hours a day, protecting your home and your family from onlookers, and the damaging rays of the sun.


Your business deserves the very best in architectural window film technology. Boost productivity by making workspaces more private and comfortable. Deter thieves and criminals with the most advanced and resilient security films on the market. Cut cooling costs with our durable, high-performance solar heat protection film. HITEK window film uses superior technology and is the perfect choice for your next business upgrade. Invest in your asset today.
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Give your boat the treatment it deserves with HITEK window films. Designed specifically for marine settings, our films increase the comfort and longevity of your vessel. Shield yourself and your cabin from the damaging rays of the sun. Save money on bottom cleanings with our hydrophobic PPF that protects against salt water and the water microbes that result in growth. Keep your investment looking newer, longer.
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The world of window film is constantly evolving – and we stay one step ahead of the curve at all times. Be at the forefront of industry developments. Stay up to date on the newest products and techniques. HITEK continuously pursues the best, be a part of it.

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