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Ceramic Plus

Trailblazing true nano-ceramic and IR coating technology film that boasts an impressive 96% IR rejection

Ceramic Plus

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Ceramic Plus

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Ceramic PLUS Product Detail

 95% IR Rejection @ 5%VLT (Full Range:740-2500nm | Narrow Range = 90% IRR)

Lifetime Warranty – Color Stable

If you’ve been searching for one of the best ceramic films on the market, look no further than HITEK’s Ceramic Plus. With exceptional heat rejection and the advanced reliability of embedded nanoparticles, this film checks all the boxes. Choose from a wide range of shades, from 5% all the way up to 70%. Infrared rejection rates range from 94%-96%, depending on your shade of choice.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Color Stable
  • Matches Factory Tint
  • IR Heat Rejection 95%+
  • Advanced Nano-Ceramic Technology
  • Will not interfere with GPS, Mobile, Radio, etc (since there is no metal)
  • 2ply 1.5 Mil
Ceramic PLUS (shades):5%15%20%35%50%70%
Visible Light Transmittance5%15%19%36%51%68%
UV Rejection99%99%99%99%99%99%
IRR Broad Range (740-2500nm)96%95%94%96%95%95%
IRR @ 1025nm93%90%93%94%92%91%
Glare Reduction %94%84%78%63%44%23%
Total Solar Energy Rejection69%65%63%61%55%48%

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