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Soft-Style Squeegee (4.75in – Angled)

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Soft-Style Squeegee (4.75in – Angled)

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Introducing Hitek’s Soft-Style Squeegee (4.75 inches – Angled) – the ultimate tool for precision tint and PPF installations, thoughtfully crafted for adept navigation in tight spaces and seamless maneuvering around sharp corners. Meticulously designed with attention to detail, this larger 4.75-inch angled squeegee enhances efficiency in intricate applications.

Key Features:
Versatile Application: Tailored for tint and PPF installations, the 4.75-inch angled design excels in navigating various surfaces and maneuvering around sharp corners with exceptional ease.

Soft-Style Construction: Crafted with soft and flexible material, the squeegee ensures gentle yet effective pressure, delivering smooth and bubble-free results without risking surface damage.

Automotive Excellence: Purpose-built for automotive applications, this larger squeegee is the perfect choice for achieving professional-grade results in challenging and confined areas.

Compact and Convenient: With its 4.75-inch angled size, this squeegee is easy to handle and store, offering unparalleled convenience for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Upgrade your toolkit with Hitek’s Soft-Style Squeegee (4.75 inches – Angled) – the key to achieving perfection during your tint and PPF installations. Elevate your precision and efficiency with Hitek’s quality tools.

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