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Quick Detailer

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Quick Detailer

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Introducing Hitek’s Quick Detailer – The Versatile Detailing Solution!

16 Ounces


Our innovative micro-emulsion blend combines cross-linking polymers with specialized additives to effectively enhance a wide array of surfaces, including paintwork, glass, plastic, and rubber moldings. This specially crafted product is free from surfactants, ensuring that only the active components remain once it dries. Consequently, your surface will feel exceptionally smooth and showcase outstanding resistance to detergents, surpassing other polymer-based sealants in performance.

The application process is a breeze. Simply spray and wipe, whether the surface is wet or dry. It’s compatible with all types of base surface protection, whether it’s a polymer sealant, wax, or any other coating.


***All Quick Detailers come with a complimentary microfiber towel***

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