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Quick Detailer Pro

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Quick Detailer Pro

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Introducing Hitek’s Quick Detailer Pro – The Advanced Detailing Solution!

16 ounces


Hitek’s Graphene-Oxide Ceramic Resin Detailer represents an enhanced iteration of our Quick Detailer spray. This advanced formula now integrates supplementary resins, microemulsions, and additives, including the same graphene-oxide ceramic resins featured in our premium topcoats. These improvements have markedly elevated durability and resistance to detergents, keeping pace with the latest technological advancements available in the market and lasting up to 6 months!

With the infusion of these state-of-the-art additives, Quick Detailer Pro retains its effortless application process while minimizing the chances of streaking. It imparts surfaces with exceptional hydrophobic qualities, an incredibly smooth finish, and a lustrous shine. This versatile product can serve as a standalone choice or function as a quarterly detailer as part of a comprehensive coating maintenance regimen.


***All Quick Detailers come with a complimentary microfiber towel***

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