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Pro Knife Talon – By Lucas Myers

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Pro Knife Talon – By Lucas Myers

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HITEK’s Pro-Knife adapter developed by Lucas Myers is designed to glide through film, providing seamless cuts. This amazing and unique tool will allow you to graze down the film in a single stroke. It is a must-have for any job!


Introducing “The Talon” – a revolutionary, hand-cutting, attachable tool that was proudly designed and meticulously crafted in the USA. This dynamic instrument reimagines the window tinting process, rendering traditional button methods obsolete. Beyond tinting, its versatile design makes it as indispensable as a trusty box cutter. Engineered for precision and built to last, “The Talon” boasts a vibrant firetruck red finish, embodying its bold spirit. Compatible with all red dot style knives, it’s essential for professionals seeking efficiency and excellence. Elevate your tinting experience with “The Talon” – where innovation meets American craftsmanship.

– Lucas Myers

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