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Global PPF PLus ( Super Gloss)

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Global PPF PLus ( Super Gloss)

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Global PPF Plus  | 10-YEAR WARRANTY

For the best-looking paint protection film in the business, nothing beats Global PPF
Plus. This new, super high-gloss PPF makes any vehicle’s surface look like it’s just
gotten a fresh coat of shiny paint. And that’s what makes it so easy to sell.

Global PPF Plus delivers all the great dealer-friendly features you want:

  • Superior clarity
  •  Responsive adhesive
  •  Self-healing properties
  • Enhanced stretchability
  • Easy installation – including curves
  • PLUS a super high-gloss finish that’s unmatched in the industry

More and more consumers are choosing PPF to protect and improve vehicle
appearance. When they do, Global PPF Plus gives them the extra shine they want,
along with all the protection they need.

Global PPF Plus practically sells itself with customer benefits including:

  • Anti-yellowing properties
  • Stain, scratch, and chemical resistance
  •  Easy maintenance with normal washing and waxing
  •  Super high-gloss finish they won’t find with any other PPF product

Add Global PPF Plus to your product lineup, and see your bottom line shine!
Exclusively available through HITEK Films.

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