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Glass Coating

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Glass Coating

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Hitek Glass Coating – Glass Ceramic Coating – 6 months/10,000 Miles

Includes Glass coating, applicator and microfiber towel.

60ml – Does an average of 5 windshields

Hitek Glass Coating is a ceramic coating designed for professionally sealing the exterior glass of automobiles. This innovative coating, fast-drying and easy to apply, offers long-lasting protection. It creates an exceptionally slick surface, enhancing hydrophobic properties and ensuring cleaner glass for extended periods of improved visibility. Water, mud, sleet, snow, and even detergents are effortlessly repelled, with contaminants sliding off at speeds as low as 30 mph. The coating is immediately active upon application, requiring no cure time.

Directions: Begin by thoroughly cleaning the glass surface with a high-quality glass cleaner. For optimal results, clay the glass surface or polish it with a glass polish to remove any lodged contaminants, ensuring to use additional glass cleaner afterward to eliminate any residues. Once the glass is prepared, saturate an applicator with Hitek Glass Coating and apply in a cross-hatch pattern. Use a generous amount, allowing it to dwell for 30 seconds to a minute, although no specific dwell time is required. After cross-hatching, use a quality microfiber towel to wipe off any excess coating until the glass is completely free of fluids. Glass cleaner can be used to aid in this step if the surface feels tacky. You’ll know the glass is clear of residual fluids when it feels remarkably slick to the touch. The surface is immediately cured, with no recommended cure period.

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